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The future of cable TV

Naicom is a network & internet communication platform that delivers television programming via IPTV/TVE to subscribers in Puerto Rico. Viewers can instantly access their favorite TV shows, movies, music/videos on demand and live sporting & music events via IPTV Set-Top-Box and with our IOS/Android app on any mobile device and tablet.

Naicom TV combines Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and TV Everywhere (TVE) content giving subscribers the ultimate entertainment experience with a variety of viewing content. We are the future of cable TV and the future is now!


Mission Statement: To enhance the television user experience by offering customizable packages on multiple viewing platforms using ‘TV Everywhere’ technology.

Vision: Become the future of television entertainment, remaining ahead of the ever-changing technology curve.

our team

Get to know our founders

Darwin Quiñones


Victor Vega


Data Center

Our data center is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico with the latest generation of Dell servers. All channels are transmitted in mp4 h264 for greater definition with a lower bandwidth.

Channel Lineup

We work with a variety of content providers all over the world to deliver the most popular channels in each region.

Videos on Demand

Thousands of movies, shows, concerts, music videos and sporting events will be available on our VOD platform, accessible anytime, anywhere.

News & Articles

Recent news and important information

6 Major Networks on Streaming TV Craze

The television landscape took a hard shift toward the future this week with announcements from HBO and CBS that they were each launching freestanding video-on-demand services.

Video Multicast Over Internet

Multicast (multipoint) distribution of video is an important component of many existing and future networkrd services.